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Chelsea Carr, MS, RD/LDN

Dietitian-Nutritionist Consultant of Nutritional Therapeutics LLC

I'm a Florida based, licensed Dietitian-Nutritionist with an expertise in improving diet related disorders using a blended functional and holistic nutrition approach. I have a Bachelor's and Master's in Nutrition Sciences and I have been working as a Dietitian Consultant for almost 10 years providing virtual and in-person services in numerous states. Outside of being a plant mom, food enthusiast, and an adventure seeker, I am also the founder of Nutritional Therapeutics LLC.

I specialize in helping food lovers with diet related disorders achieve better energy, decrease inflammation, balance hormones,  manage their weight, and possible medication freedom without unrealistic and depriving dieting. I also assist those have an interest in general wellness and disease prevention.

Nutritional Therapeutics LLC

Restrictive, generic, and fad diet solutions just don't work. The results from doing them typically don't last because these diets are extremely difficult to maintain and can wind up doing more harm than good. From my experience, nutrition techniques and education are useless without consistent implementation. You need personalized methods to overcome your specific obstacles to be successful, which is why all of my patients have highly individualized nutritional tailored plans to set them up for success from how they eat, sleep, work, and play.

You deserve individualized comprehensive nutrition care that will actually address and tackle the problems that hinder your goals! Let me help you RESET, REVERSE, and REGAIN through powerful nutrition and lifestyle changes.

 With the philosophy of nutrition’s ability to either benefit or debilitate us, this company wants you to benefit and flourish. Are you finally ready for the nutrition prescription that was made for you? Imagine effective solutions tackling  both your symptoms and your obstacles, instead of temporary Band-Aids. Your health takes precedence, it can make or break the type of life you desire.  Make a complimentary inquiry call or email to take back control of your health and discover how much of an impact that small changes can have.

Healthy Salad

Your nutrition prescription is waiting to be created.

A plan tailored to 
medical history,
emotional, social, mental & physical health,
and most importantly your desires

with a focus on habit reformation to optimize your success and sustainability.

You Need A Tailored Plan that Works for You

Allow your body to heal through

Food Relationship Evaluation

Nutrition Optimization

Improving Gut Health

Decreasing Inflammation

Regulating Your Hormones


Enhancing Metabolism

Habit Reformation

Mind, Body, and Spirit Connections

Invest in yourself.

You will always be worth it.

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