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No matter how busy, fearful, or frustrated you may be, the opportunity to take back control of your health is always present!

Hi! I'm Chelsea.

The Dietitian-Nutritionist


I'm a Florida based, licensed Dietitian-Nutritionist with an expertise in improving diet related disorders using a blended functional and holistic nutrition approach. I have a Bachelor's and Master's in Nutrition Sciences and I have been working as a Dietitian Consultant for almost 10 years providing virtual and in-person services. Outside of being a plant mom, food enthusiast, and an adventure seeker, I am also the founder of Nutritional Therapeutics LLC.

I specialize in helping food lovers with diet related disorders achieve better energy, decrease inflammation, balance hormones, and possible medication freedom without unrealistic and depriving dieting.

Restrictive, generic, and fad diet solutions just don't work. The results from doing them typically don't last because these diets are extremely difficult to maintain and can wind up doing more harm than good. Even more, many medications given without lifestyle changes can manage your symptoms but not necessarily address the root cause. It's like cleaning your bedroom by moving all the excess junk to your closet instead of getting rid of it. 

You deserve individualized comprehensive nutrition care that will actually tackle the problem! Let me help you heal your body through powerful nutrition and lifestyle changes.

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